Focus on Lagos as Soyinka unveils Vision of the Child 2016


For the 2016 edition of an­nual artistic event widely known as The Vision of the Child, Professor Wole Soyinka has said the theme will have a lot to do with Lagos State.
At the unveiling event of the event, which comes with a paint­ing and literary competition for children, held at Diamond Bank’s head office last week, children from select primary and second­ary schools in Lagos and some of their teachers were present. So was the Deputy Governor of La­gos who commended Diamond Bank Plc for what she called the bank’s “leading role in champi­oning the intellectual develop­ment of children and the growth of art in primary and secondary schools.”
Adebule said Diamond Bank’s sponsorship of the competition since inception in 2012, is a tes­tament of the Bank’s strong com­mitment to the future of children while urging other corporate or­ganisations to emulate the bank.
“The Vision of the Child is an initiative geared towards pro­moting education through cre­ative thinking, literary arts and painting skills. This vision is in tune with our educational policy in Lagos State and that is why government has participated ac­tively in it since inception. We will continue to do so as long as it provides children the platform to express their understanding of the world they live in, their vi­sion of what it should be, as well as their fantasies and dreams,” the Deputy Governor stated.
Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Bank, Uzoma Dozie, who reaffirmed the bank’s com­mitment to such laudable proj­ects involving the education of children and the growth of art in the country, said: “At Diamond Bank, we try to go beyond bank­ing and supporting the VOTC is one of our ways of ensuring that we contribute to the growth, de­velopment and nurturing of chil­dren.”
Dozie added that innovations in technology points to a future where machines will play lead­ing roles in business and that only individuals with the ability to give insight and vision will be drivers of that future.
Soyinka, the initiator of the VOTC, unveiled the theme for the year: “Sisi Eko at 50: Aging Gracefully or Na So-So Pan­cake?” According to the No­bel Laureate, this year’s theme is designed to herald the 50th Anniversary of Lagos as a State even if the anniversary is billed for 2017.
“Childhood is an invaluable time in an individual’s life which should be filled with sweetness and light. However, the past few editions of the competition have revolved around gloomy themes as we realize that life also has its ugliness and pain, and it is in ac­knowledging these that we can all share in the collective respon­sibility for good,” he said.
“This year, we have decided on a lively theme to celebrate with the Lagos State Government as it attains 50 years of statehood. We encourage the VOTC par­ticipants to research into the his­tory and character of Eko, which will be reflected in their works,” he stated.
The competition, which is open to school children between the ages of 8 and 12 years in La­gos State, comes with a hand­some reward for the winners apart from the further develop­ment of the literary and visual art skills of participants.
To qualify for the competition, applicants must submit a poem, essay or short story of 300-500 words on the theme.


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