Educationist blames Nigeria’s challenges on failure of education sector


An educationist, Prof. Oluremi Sonaiya, on Wednesday blamed the high rate of corruption and economic challenges in the country on the failure of the education.

According to her, the country is facing many challenges because education had not yielded the desired fruits.

She urged the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the education sector to address the numerous problems in the sector and the nation.

“The issues of embezzlement, fraud and stealing of government funds are as a result of the failure of education.

“How can you be educated and steal all the money intended for the development of your state or constituency? Can you truly call yourselves an educated person?’’ she wondered.

She said that many educated Nigerians still lived in delusions by allowing traditional, cultural and ethnic influences on their daily dealings.

According to the educationist, education is supposed to liberate the mind from these influences.

“There is a big problem with our educational sector which has not allowed it to yield the desired fruits for the country.

“Education should liberate the mind, allow an individual to question things and yield innovations for societal development.

“We must challenge our education system. We cannot continue to be consumers of other countries intellectual development.

“Where is our own contribution to the global pool of knowledge? Is it not the same school process that we all went through?

“How come they are able to translate the theoretical knowledge into practical?” she queried.


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